Cookie Ministry

 This is our way of loving the people of the Murfreesboro city and county schools. Stacy Lewis is our Volunteer Coordinator, and calls folk asking for homemade cookies. We usually take a batch of four dozen cookies (no nuts: allergies) to a school office for the teachers and staff. A brochure is taped to the tray cover and the pastor (usually) delivers them as a thank you to those who do hard and important job for the people of Murfreesboro. You should see their faces light up! 

 Current Schedule: Contact Ellen Garrison, or me to volunteer!

April 2017

2 –  Roseanne

9 –  Myra

16 – Gretchen

23 – Ellen

30 – Ellen


May 2017

7 – Roseanne

14 – Myra

21 – Ellen

28 - Gretchen