Spiritual Journey 2012



Communion Table so meaningful done by Alicia Burton, TDWM Middle Area Women's Minister


Tennessee Disciple Women of the Middle Area in TN held the Annual Spiritual Journey March 17, 2012 at Central Christian Church, Murfreesboro, with 80 Disciple Women registering, twenty-five of those were ladies from CCC. Other churches represented were Alameda, Donelson, Dover, Eastwood, Iglesia, New Covenant, Shelbyville, Tullahoma, and Vine Street.

The group was welcomed in the Sanctuary by Steve Odom with greetings and prayer.

Theme for the Journey was "LOVE HEALS and the Resource Leaders were Katrina Robertson and Shelia Simpkins McClain, and Shawna from Magdalene House/Thistle Farms. Their testimonies touched our hearts. They expressed their thanks to us for our hospitality as they were blessed being with us.

Nine children came which were cared for by Nicole Martin, Chelsea Sanders, and Violeta Sanchez. Gabriele and Nicole Martin provided the snacks and lunch for the children.

Mike Martin provided his expertise with the video shown in the Sanctuary.

Carolyn Miller Thompson and Susan Derryberry, Shelbyville registered our guests.

Karen Gerlach and Ann Hagerman were outside hostesses helping the ladies find the correct places to be.

Claire Mobley and her kitchen committee provided an excellent lunch. All of our CWF members plus many other ladies worked really hard with the whole program and I am grateful to each and everyone who helped. It was a joint effort by everyone.

The Fellowship Hall was decorated beautifully with uplifting decorations provided by Ella Mikkelson. Thanks so much to her for sharing her beautiful churches and spiritual decorations with all of us. Beverly Henley made the name tags to go along with the theme and also provided wonderful outdoor signs.

The offering given to Magdalene House and Woman to Woman totaled $622.00.

This Journey was rated as one of the best ever held in the Middle Area. I am grateful to each of you who made all of this possible.

Thank you so much,

Darlene Bowman, Middle Area District 4 Director



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Pictorial of Our Spiritual Journey Experience


Food Committee: Carolyn Wilson, Billie Spinks, Claire Mobley,

Mary Jo Sexton, Kay Woodfin.   

Members of Alameda and Eastwood Church.

Table decorations by Ella Mikkelson.

Table decorations by Ella Mikkelson.

Registration: Carolyn Miller Thompson and Susan Derryberry.

Pat Summar and Beverly Henley.

Serving Drinks: Veva Dalton and Diane Bruce.

Rosemary Longmire and Kay Woodfin.

Alicia Burton- Closing worship.

Spiritual Journey.

Spiritual Journey.

Beautiful singing from ladies of Donelson church.

Spiritual Journey Luncheon.

Spiritual Journey Luncheon.

Spiritual Journey Luncheon.

Magdalene House Ladies.

Spiritual Journey Luncheon.

Spiritual Journey Luncheon.

Nicole Martin and Violeta Sanchez with Children.


Chelsea Sanders with children in nursery.